Covid-19 Variants Tracking in Communities Wastewater

Time for Action

Expertise in sampling and analysis with proven protocols, continuously improved

Comprehensive system immediately deployable and actionable for local decisions

Results displayed in real-time on cartographies (web platform accessible 24/7)

Founding Members

  • Largest of the five elite units of the French civil security forces
  • Specialized in Nuclear – Radiological – Bacteriological – Chemical – Explosive risks (NRBCE)
  • >18’000 wastewater samples analysis during the Covid-19 outbreak
  • Expertise in sampling, filtration and extraction
  • Technical analysis capabilities (including variant screening)
  • Specialized in aggregation, processing and literacy of health data
  • Operating data monitoring for French Health Authorities (HAS, ANSM) and international surveillance networks (GIHSN)
  • Coordinationand development of the network
  • Real-time data platform, hosted in Vannes (FR) on a highly secured site
  • Compliance with the French Data Protection Authority

Associate Members

BIOMERIEUX (Systems and reagents for first-line SARS-CoV-2 screening)

BIOSELLAL (Variants screening kits)

C4DX (Overflow analysis)

SICPA (data process integrity)

Concrete Success Cases of Clusters Avoided in « Sensitive » Sites

1- Cluster avoided in a nursing home in Moselle, France, within 48 hours

  • Day 1AM : rescue intervention of French BMPM in high risk cities of the North-Est region, immediate sampling in wastewater plants for each district of the community.
  • Day 1PM : analysis and mapping of districts where the variants were circulating the most
  • Day 2AM : sampling of wastewater at sensitive sites in positive districts
  • Day 2AM : identification of contaminated sensitive sites, surface testing of areas inside the nursing home
  • Day 2PM : individual PCR testing of the population living or working in the contaminated areas.
  • Day 2PM : isolation of the unique individual who was positive to COVID-19, asymptomatic and super-spreader. Decontamination of the nursing home. Back to normal operation. Cluster avoided.
French BMPM

2- With the same method, a cluster was also avoided in a nursery in Marseille, France, and children were able to go back to school safely after 72 hours.

Operational Sequences of the COMETE Network Approach

SaaS Platform for Real-Time Analytics & Cartographies

Integration & cross-reference of additional data sources (e.g. population)

Daily tracking of variants strains in real-time by district (in Marseille, France)

« Brazilian » and « South African » variants « English » variant

Deployment Steps of the System within a Few Days Only

Training of a team by the « Bataillon des Marins Pompiers de Marseille »

The city of Cannes chooses the COMETE Network to actively fight against COVID-19

Special set up in Cannes :

  • Congress & Festival Center (daily during Film Festival)
  • 1 main water treatment plant (daily)
  • 8 districts (weekly) -12 “sensitive” sites (hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, schools, universities) (weekly / bi-weekly)

Benefits of Joining the COMETE Network

FAST IMPLEMENTATION of a COMPREHENSIVE OPERATIONAL SYSTEM, immediately deployable within a few days

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE & OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE shared among the COMETE Network (SOPs, high sampling quality, analysis of surfaces)

CARTOGRAPHY AVAILABLE ONLINE IN D+1, with high spatial granularity for anticipated localized actions (at neighborhood, sensitive site level)

COMPLIANCE WITH DATA PRIVACY REGULATIONS, web platform guaranteeing data operability, traceability and auditability (blockchain), enabling trust in public health decision

COST-EFFICIENT SYSTEM in comparison to mass individual PCR testing, one subscription fee for a community (unlimited 24/7 multi-users access)

The European Union is adopting a recommendation to support a consistent approach to the use of wastewater monitoring to track COVID-19 and its variants: COMETE network is providing a pragmatic way for that

Join us!

The following communities already joined the COMETE network and adopted the collective territorialized health monitoring system.
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  • Cities: Marseille, Nice, Toulon, Dunkerque, Pau, Avignon, Briançon (France)…
  • Regions: PACA, Morbihan (France), Dordogne…